The Cafe Wanderlust Experience

The Cafe Wanderlust Experience

Cafe Wanderlust is a place that strives to serve the innate desire of human beings to wander.

To travel…to eat, drink and make merry.

Each one of us travels for a reason…some do it to rejuvenate their bodies and relax, others to explore, and some to just kill time. At Wanderlust, we try to bring all these reasons together to create an experience every traveler would love to go through.

With photographs of your favorite travel destinations dotting the walls of the cafe and with videos playing you scenes from the most popular travel destinations in the world, you never have an idle moment at Cafe Wanderlust. Our library of books keeps you engaged with stories about trips to nowhere, weekend breaks from the metropolis you call your home, or simply great pictorial information on the best street food you can have around the world. We are sure you can spend hours and yet need more to go through all you like.

Cafe Wanderlust aims to be that friendly neighborhood cafe where you can relax and over a cup of coffee, discuss stories related to travel with friends and strangers alike. A melting pot of travelers and their stories, we don’t want you to eat-and-go. Instead, we would love it if you hang around, spend your time surfing the internet using our free wi-fi facilities and the tablets that serve as our menus, or simply relax in our comfortable, hybrid seats reading about your next travel destination.

Even if you are not able to make that next trip of yours soon enough owing to your busy schedule, there is no reason to worry. At Wanderlust we try to give you travelers a flavor of your favorite destination. Be it relaxing on a hammock or sinking in a bean bag for the day, reading your favorite book or listening to a live band, sipping your drink at leisure, you can do it all here. Just walk in and indulge.

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