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As a kid I always thought a tree house to be a colorful small structure on the top of a tree from where you can have your legs dangling in the air and talk to birds and trees and just dream away to glory. Well the idea didnt change much when I was taken to this new Tree House Resort at Jaipur.( It was a birthday surprise and hence “taken”:))
We reached at about 8.30 pm and it was already dark. The approach was quite scary as there was nothing on either side of the road. It was dark and eery, but what else would you expect in a Tree House Resort complex.

From the reception to our room was a short walk and I could see pillar posts with arrows pointing towards “the Peacock Bar”, “The Horned Owl Nests”, etc. The feel was truly that of Hogwarts – the school of magic. While the child in me came alive, we made way to our room on the top of a big tree. The tree house was brilliant with all modern amenities – neat, clean and air conditioned. With three windows to peep out, it was a cosy set up with all dim lights and tree branches around. The whole scene had shifted from Hogwarts to the home of Bilbo Baggins. It really was fascinating to bump into a tree a couple of times on my way to the washroom.:D

Inside the tree house

The surroundings were calm except for the titter tatter of the kids living in the resort, the birds chirping and water flowing…I could smell greenery wherever I went and the serenity of the place had gradually started settling inside me. Whenever I go to such a place, the beginning couple of hours are quite disturbing,as the mind and body are not used to the peace and the environment takes its own time to soothe you and settle you down. It was dinner time now and we completely gorged on the delicious food laid out on table outside, in the middle of tall trees and woods.

Back in our room, like I said, the mind was in its own world, trying to settle down and comfortably went to sleep..We did not even realise when the chirping of birds and monkeys jumping about our tree house, woke us up. Its so good to sleep and wake up without a care in the world, without any plans for the day – what to eat, when to leave, did the maids turn up, did the car wash happen..UUhh..Here, all I could do was soak in the greenery..and pick up the “the Jeeves Omnibus” – one of my favorite books and a gift from my last birthday. Here I almost felt like inside one of those Hollywood movies, where the protagonist enters a virtual world – the likes of “Narnia” or “Alice in Wonderland”..Both me and N immersed ourselves in our favorite books and only a call from the reception brought us back into the real world.’

After a sumptuous breakfast, we were shifted to a waterhouse. A log hut in the middle of a big pond. There were ducks outside our room, roaming about, bathing in the sun. I could see fish through the glass on the floor of my room. I was busy looking at the duck’s feet and its beak and mentally drawing them out on a sketch book like I did in one of those kindergarten art classes. Its strange how small things like these can connect you to old times Almost therapeutic. Couldn’t help clicking

The resort is huge, spread over a few acres of land. We hired a bicycle and went around the campus. There are milestones and pillar marks, so that one does not get lost.Cuckoo birds, sparrows are the only birds I could identify and yes wood peckers too.Other than that saw some blue, green and red birds which I could not identify, despite the bird chart pinned at various places inside the resort. But it was only then that I realized why bird watching takes people places.Since we are talking about birds the aviary spa is definitely worth a mention. De stressing while watching parakeets and “Masakali”..I was bowled over by now. Was a little sad though at the plight of these beautiful birds trapped inside that small area.

After the spa it was time for some archery..some action it was. After all the finesse with which the mytholgical heroes shoot arrows is definitely not over hyped. Its a tough task.

The day concluded with dinner and Wooster and Jeeves and of course Football World Cup.By the sound of it , will you ever want to end such a day?..But it did give me something before it ended. A zeal to start all over again. an enthusiasm to deal with anything with a smile…some perspective..Guess that comes only on the top of a tree..:D

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