The World Food Festival – Live to Eat!

The World Food Festival – Live to Eat!

Our chef has decided that for the next few days she will do nothing but innovate. That’s precisely how the World Food Festival was born. Tired of picking up recipes from around the world and doing multiple iterations to get the taste right was getting quite repetitive. To throw a dash of colors in this routine, the chef will now pick up signature delicacies from different cities, give the recipes some whacky twists and then present them to the audience the Wanderlust way.
As an example, Turkish Baklava a rich dessert filled with walnuts. What if one topped it with freshly made “rabri” and served it with fresh fruit cream.
This is what one will experience at the World Food Festival at Wanderlust, this November.

Some bestsellers!

From the land of the Grand Bazaar – While we strolled on the streets of Istanbul, mesmerised by the huge markets – Grand Bazaar and the Spice Market, this one was one of our favorites.
The Vegetarian Doner Kebab

Banaras – A Foodie’s Paradise

A Banarasiya has his own ways of making any food rich and delicious. A traditional and very unique Banarasi dessert, this one is now available only in the legendary food shops in Banaras and of course at Wanderlust.
Meetha Chilla with Laal Rabri

Desi Spicy Twist to the Mexican Tacos. They say Taco derives its name from the Mexican silver miners, who used explosive charges in plug form consisting of a paper wrapper and gunpowder filling!!!

Mexican Tacos

Some events that we did!
World Laughter Day(Just kidding)..Another day when we had some 10 popular stand up comics trying to make you laugh. We will have something similar in the World food Festival Phase 2(1st-14th Nov 2014)

Book Reading Session – Write and Beyond – Some 15 aspiring authors came to talk and read passages from and about what they wrote – humor, comedy, suspense and the list goes on. It was a fun session where renowned authors mentored the new ones on the DO’s and Dont’s of the industry and shared their own experiences.

Everest Base Camp Marathon – Someone who left his plush job and chose to run a marathon starting from the Everest Base Camp, came here to do a talk show. Showed us some crazy pictures of what happened while going up and running back. He now successfully runs a group called Running and Living and inspires the people of Gurgaon everyday to get up and run.

Karaoke Evening – No festival is complete without music. We had some crazy audience singing aloud the tunes of Pancham Da and Beatles alike!

That’s just a sneak peek into the World Food Festival at Wanderlust. The main ride is yet to begin..

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