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The best way to experience a culture is to taste it. Wanderlust is all about tasting cultures. We are an ever growing community of passionate travellers and eager foodies, who love to hear travel stories, experience them and even tell some.

Whenever we visit a destination, we love to interact with the locals , stay with them, learn more about their local food, cooking styles, ingredients, untouched sights and scenes, etc etc. And we like to carry those recipes of excellence back , blend them with a dash of our innovation and present to you.

A Banarasi Kachori or a French crepe, a unique food tour in the bylanes of Kumarakom by a local cabbie or a secret ingredient from the spice market of Kashmir- we bring to you all. And each such experience is born out of a passion to explore, to experience and to live.

HOP ON the journey and become a part of Wanderlust!