Cafe Wanderlust – Your friendly neighborhood travel cafe

The best way to experience a culture is to taste it

Whoever said it, we believe it..What is it that you look forward to when you visit a destination? Sure its the seas and the hills, but there are also those bylanes, shopping streets, party circuits, those legendary restaurants that you have heard about or a dish that you want to try.

Mithibai College ka Vada Pao when you are in Mumbai or a Nutella Banana Crepe from a legendary cart right in front of Notre Dame in Paris. The local food and markets of any city let you delve into the history and the culture, the climate, the likes, dislikes and so much more of that place. And that’s what we love to explore.

At Wanderlust, we bring together food and experiences that we have had on our journeys. Food that was cooked by the locals of that place and served with so much passion and excitement to us. Food that we loved at a particular cafe or restaurant that has been serving it for ages. Experiences that we loved – A food trip to the local market, a chef’s table, a workshop that was conducted by a home chef in that area or just a shopping spree to pick some food ingredients – a local tea, a difficult to find masala,  organic cheese, just about anything that’s easily available and popular.

Cafe Wanderlust is a zone – Its designed so that every time you enter, you feel like you are on a vacation. The idea is to Let Go! You can curl up on our swing and read a book, or you can laze around on our bean bags with your friends and play Jenga. Or you can just chat with our server about the history of a dish on the menu, plan your own food tours with our partners, talk about a new place that you discovered and probably come on board to lead your own tours. While you do all of that we serve delicious food to you, food that has been handcrafted, is fresh and is inspired by our Wanderlust. So sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.